Q: What area do you serve? 

A: We serve the DMV; however, will request a $50 travel fee if the property is more than an hour and half driving from the Washington Monument: 2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024

Q: What's your photos turnaround time?

A: 24 hrs. from the time of the onsite shoot. So if our shoot time is 1 pm Monday, you'll have your photos by 1 pm Tuesday.


Q: What's your turnaround time for all other media?

Videos, Matterport Tours, Virtual Staging, Floor Plans, and other services will be delivered within 48 hrs. 

Q: How will I receive the photos?

A: All media will be sent via email.

Q: Will the photographer return to the site in case I forgot to include a shot?

A: Yes, we will return to a shoot site at the request of the agent for $100. 

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